Originally all John James' letters, along with some 8,000 other letters and estate papers, were kept in the Codrington family archives at Dodington Park in Gloucestershire, England where they had been addressed.  In the late 1940s Robson Lowe, a professional stamp dealer and auctioneer mostly interested in the postal markings, got hold of about 500 of the letters from various authors (including 29 by John James).  He sold the letters separately, but not before microfilming them and writing a book about the collection.  Robson Lowe's book, "The Codrington Correspondence" (1951), gives a short description of each letter.
  There is no online access to the Lowe collection  of the Codrington correspondence, but a microfilm copy of  it is available at the University of Texas at Austin.
  The other papers were held at the Gloucestershire records office but were withdrawn by the Codrington family in 1980 and sold at private auction to an anonymous buyer.  They later reappeared at the newly established National Archives of Antigua and Barbuda.  This portion of the papers has also not been readily available to the public until earlier this year when some of the documents were put online by the Simon Fraser University library.
  My first effort will be to transcribe the letters written by John James to Sir Christopher.  Some are very differcult to read or are very faint or damaged.  Occasionally there are words that I cannot decipher and would appriciate any input from others.

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