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10 October 1812

Antigua October 10th 1812

  As you will of course hear of the Gale which took place here on the first Instant, I think it necessary to mention it to you,  otherwise the effects of it at Barbuda was so very trifling that I should not have thought it worth notice, it certainly blew hard, but when compared with the Gale of last year it was a mere nothing, it began about 1 o’clock in the morning, and continue till after daylight, from having felt the effects of last years Gale this of course kept me the whole time on the look out; one of the vessels I had sent off with sheep the day before, she was in St Johns Harbour & is safe, the other is still on shore at the ?? but I believe not injured; the small one was with me, & I was very apprehensive for her safety till morning, but she fortunately rode it out without any other accident than the top of her boat which was wrecked to pieces on the Beach, in fact the Gale may be said from the rain which fell at the time to have done us a most ?? of service, before we were extremely dry, & our Corn suffering consequently, I was very apprehensive that one piece of about 170 acres would have been entirely lost, but I now trust that this rain will establish it, I have about 250 acres in all planted which I now hope will turn ??. Our yams are also greatly benefited.
I am sorry to inform you that as yet I have not obtained payment from Black, I have been waiting the whole of this week, & and now promised bills about Monday or Tuesday night as his accounts with his companions at English Harbour cannot be settled until then, but as the regular boat follows this packet this morning I am obliged to send off this without them, but should another boat follow which in all probability there will & I can get the Bills they shall be forwarded.
   Herewith you will receive a Bill for £250 Stlg drawn by Thos. Allman on Alex Worswick Esqr of Lancaster, which will leave a balance due you on the accounts sent of £787: 7: 1 ½ Currency; & which I hope Mr Black will enable me to forward by this present Packet, there is now due from Mr Black about £1300 - 

I am Sir

your most obedient servant

signed John James

Reference: Gloucestershire Records Office, Microfilm no.351, Section no.6, D1610 C24
Accessed through Simon Fraser University library

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