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10 August 1812

Barbuda August 10th 1812
   Since my last of the 30th (July ?)  another Packet has arrived, I went immediately to Antigua to endeavour to get Bills from Mr Black & Holloran but without effect, however I received on my own Account a Bill for £160 Sterling which I now forward you and which will receive, as well as the Bills and Accounts forwarded by the last Packet, & the ship Braganza; the Bill now enclosed will when Mr Blacks Accounts are settled more than pay you the amount of the Balance due from Barbuda, as per Account sent with my last.
   On my return here on Saturday I found that H: M: Brig Opossum had just been got under sail she had run on shore on the morning of Thursday last, on the N: W: side of the Island, she had the good fortune to pass through the Reef, and only Grounded when close to the shore; she must have come at least a Mile & half through Rocks none of them more than three times her length from each other, this is the only place she could have so escaped in the whole of this side of the Island. Altho I was not present I am happy to find every exertion was made to get them off which succeeded, after she had been considered as lost by the Captain, and Officers, which appears by the Certificate the Captain has sent me.  Mr Walker the Overseer & thirty of our picked Men were on board her the whole time, of whose conduct & exertions Captn Morbrige speaks highly; a Copy of his Letter to me you will receive with this, her Guns were all thrown overboard tomorrow I shall endeavour to get them up. They also lost all their Anchors the last holding just long enough to enable them to make Sail, had it given way fare minutes sooner in all probability the whole trouble would have been lost.
   Since my last we have had some rains but not as much as I would wish for, our Corn is all planted, but requires more rain to get it forward, the Pastures never looked better than at this time.  I fear we shall not sell much this Quarter, as I have declined sending any more Cattle or Sheep either to Black or Holloran until the Old Accounts are settled, should many Ships arrive at Antigua, they will find it difficult to supply them and will therefore be obliged to have recourse to me, consequently must settle the old Accounts. Black as applied to me to give them a general credit of six Months which I have told him I am not authorised to do.
   Mr George Martin has sent me a Protest for the non-Acceptance of Mr Rawlins’s Bill for £354: 11: 4 Sterling I have written to Mr Rawlins on the Subject, tho I doubt not the Bill will be paid when due; he is I understand a man of large property in the Island of St Kitts. I am Sir
your most Obedient Humble
(signed) John James

H: M: Sloop Opossum off Barbuda
Augst 8th 1812
  I should be much wanting did I omit mentioning to you the very great exertions of Mr Walker and the Men under his charge to him and them I feel indebted for the safety of the Ship, her situation was much as to leave me little or no hopes of saving her and nothing but the knowledge they had of the place I am convinced did it, but it is suffice it to say altho you was not on the spot, there could not have been more energy or zeal to save His Majestys Ship shown. In this all must have been well instructed; therefore request your Acceptance of my most grateful thanks trusting soon to have the pleasure of your acquaintance, and being able to return them personally.  I am Sir
yours very thankfully
(signed) J Mobridge
I have given Mr W a certificate and shall take care to do every thing for him on my arrival at Antigua which I request you will admit of fear the Boats are somewhat damag’d but trust a handsome remuneration will be granted I shall write you on the subject.

Reference: Gloucestershire Records Office, Microfilm no.351, Section no.6, D1610 C24
Accessed through Simon Fraser University library

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