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30 July 1812

Antigua July 30th 1812


        By the Ship Braganza which left this for Liverpool on Sunday last, I took the opportunity of forwarding to you the Barbuda Accounts to the end of June, accompanied by two of Black & Hays Bills for £250 Sterling each, another set of the same Bills will be sent with this; the balance referring  Barbuda by the Accounts sent is £2737: 18: 2. I have particularly to regret the not being able to forward the whole of it to you by this Packet; you will perceive that Messrs Black & Hay have been the principal Purchases, there remains now due from them £1325: 8: 2 & I have no prospect of getting it settled until the end of September, at which time they have promised the whole shall be paid. I shall decline furnishing them with any more Cattle until the former account is settled. There is also due from Haloran £346: 10 which he has promised to pay by the arrival of the next Packet, he is agent for supplying the Troops, his payments are guaranteed to one by the Deputy Commisary General residing here; as soon as I receive either of the sums it shall be forwarded to you.

   I must confess that I feel much hurt at the deficiency in the present payment, particularly so as it is the first money I have had to send you since Mr Martins departure, I had every reason to expect that I should have received nearly the whole of it, but as Mr Martin will be with you about the time this can reach, he will be able to assure you that those dis- appointments are almost unavoidable on my part I have now many dues to me for Articles sold from Barbuda these years since, for which I have regularly accounted to you, thereby making them my own debts, could I have raised the money the present Balance should have been settled. With this you will all so receive the Wreck accounts for the last year, the amount of which has been paid to Mr Martin, I shall now take Credit for my Commission on the last two wrecks which I will state at the foot of this.

   By the Brig Union for London I have shipped fifteen Bales of Cotton, all that is clean at present, there is about 3 or 4 Bales now to clean, what was reaped the first year was nearly all blown away in the Gale of last Year, as well as all the Year Plants then in the Ground destroyed, the Cotton I have now sent is chiefly from what old bushes the Gale left us.   It is with great pleasure I inform you that the Stock generally on the Island has for the last few years increased considerably, & this season the Calves are in greater abundance then they ever were, I have cut above 150 Bull Calves since Christmas. The Horses are also getting numerous in few years with any attention the builder will be able to send many Annually to the Island, and having had about 30 foals sent already this season. The American sheep which I purchased last year a healthy & have increased, the island sheep are looking well last Season droped five Lams at one time all of which she reared. We have now are plenty of feed, but have not been fortunate enough to get sufficient rains & get in much Corn, there is a large proportion of land ready. The Yams & Young Cotton are doing well.  I am Sir, 

                                       your most Obdt. Humble Servt

                                              (signed) John James

Account of Wrecks at Barbuda 1811

Amount Sales

Sloop Maria
361. 0. 3

Salvage at 20 per Cent

72. 4
Brig Patriota (Gen Cargo)
4027: 11: 5 1/4

Salvage at 25 per Cent

1006: 17. 10

Do of Don Diegoes part
607. 1

Salvage at 20 per Cent

121. 8. 2

£4995. 12. 8 1/4
£1200:  10 -

Commission at 7 per Cent

84. 0. 8

£1116: 9: 4

Reference: Gloucestershire Records Office, Microfilm no.351, Section no.6, D1610 C24
Accessed through Simon Fraser University library

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