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21 May 1819

St Kitts May 21st 1819

  I came to this Island for the purpose of ascertaining what had been done in Rawlin’s business, and find that Mr Woodley the attorney general to whom(unreadable) had obtained a judgement against Stedman Rawlins the drawer of the Bill; that who I am sorry to find had left this place some time since, and has taken refuge in one of the Dutch Islands, he has also taken off the whole of the property he possessed, and I hear his debts are such as to preclude his return at least for some time; William Rawlins who was the purchaser of the Cattle is also off the Island.  Mr Woodley having spoken to Henry Rawlins the father to whom I understood that Cattle were intended, on the subject, who says, he knows nothing more of the transaction than having purchased the Cattle from his son, and for which he paid him; I shall however go to Nevis where he lives and see him.
  We had I am happy to say some good rains at Barbuda about a fortnight since, of which we were much in want, and I doubt not by this time the Island is looking well, before these rains, the enclosures were so very dry and I was obliged to turn all the cattle into the woods, on my return I shall endeavour to collect them again. The ship Cato arrived in Antigua yesterday week, by her I received a bill of lading for the Cotton Bagging etc.   By the Killingberk which has sailed on this 9 sent to Mr Trattle eight bales of Cotton, and box of tortoise shell, also four Turtle for you, the Turtle are smaller than I had been in the habit of, or wish to send, but are that best I could get notwithstanding the boats have been constantly out, but I hope to be more fortunate by some of the other vessels. I have not yet seen the New Schooner since she has been at Antigua, but understand she is capable of carrying forty Hhds of Sugar, with this you will receive Thomas Hardman’s bill on Bayer Otto Bayer Esqr for £129:2: Sterling
Nevis May 22nd
  The packet is now here but will sail almost immediately, and as Mr Rawlins lives some miles from the town I am under the necessity of inclosing this letter without seeing him.  I remain
              Your Most Obedient Humble
(signed) John James

Reference: Gloucestershire Records Office, Microfilm no.351, Section no.6, D1610 C24

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