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22 Dec 1819

Barbuda Decr 22nd 1819
  In my letter of 9th Septr I informed you that there would be some Horses to be sold from this Island in November, the sale of them took place on the fourth of this mouth by auction they did not sell so high, as I expected in fact in order to get tolerable prices I was under the necessity of selling them payable on 20th of April next, taking good securities from the purchasers; some of the first sold as low as thirty four pounds currency, but some sold afterwards as high as seventy & seventy-five pounds which upon an average of sixteen the number sold brought them to above twenty guineas each. Great numbers of Horses have lately then imported from England stout Horses fit for the Plough are most in demand ours are too small for that use.
  I have also made an engagement for the sale of fifty Oxen at Thirty pounds per head to be delivered between this and the first day of March next, I have them now handy and shall be happy to get rid of them, they are to be taken from the Island.
  I am sorry to say the effects of the gale of the 28th of September have been more severe than I first expected which I attribute to the immense quantity of the seawater which was carried by the wind to most every part of the Island the Yam Crop which promised to be a very good one is entirely destroyed I shall think myself fortunate if I get my seed for next year, the Negro Grounds have suffered in the same proportion, that piece of Corn which was overflowed by the sea I have not been able to reestablish from the quantity of salt deposited, and unfortunately we have the had very little rain since, but I have pleasure in saying the Pastures are good the light rains which have fallen just suiting them.  The entrance which was made by the Gale into the Lagoon was again stopped out in one night and by a heavy swell, but which is no more than I expected.  I remain
Sir Your Most Obedient
(signed) John James

Reference: Gloucestershire Records Office, Microfilm no.351, Section no.6, D1610 C24

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