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24 November 1804

Barbuda Nov 24th 1804

                I had the pleasure of duly receiving your favor of the 7th of September, you may rely on my paying every attention to the observations contained in it; and will as soon as I have your permission to request an account of the sales etc, send you a statement of everything sent from and received at this place from Mr. Hodges attention to me whilst I remained at Antigua, I have not the least idea but that we are on very good terms, I dined with him the day before I left it; and I also think let my situation here be what it may, your interest or at least my own comfort must in a great measure depend on the terms I am on with your Antigua Attorneys: With respect to my stay there I certainly thought it was longer than there was any occasion for, and was therefore very happy at leaving it.

  As mentioned in my letter of the 25th of September I am very much pleased with this island, and have entirely made up my mind to remain here, provided my health will admit of it, and that my conduct continues to meet with your approbation, the first I have not the least reason as yet to doubt of, as I never was better in all my life than I have been since my arrival here, and the latter you may depend on my doing everything in my power to merit.

  The island from the great quantity of rain we have had and which continues almost daily to fall has a very favourable appearance, and I have no doubt but that great many cattle will be sent off this season.  The Negroes are still employed about the corn, but I am sorry to hear there is not a prospect of a great crop, as the continuance of the wet weather has caused the grass to grow faster than they were able to weed it, this might in my opinion be obviated by the use of the plough; and in case it should I see no reason why corn may not be grown in almost any quantity, but from the little experience I have had of the climate, having only seen the very best season of the year; and that a remarkable good one, it is more than probable should I attempt to form any idea of alterations that they may be wrong ones, but at the same time I must confess that my hopes of one day being able to improve the island are very sanguine.  I am sorry to inform you of the death of one of the young men of this place (a Mr. Cook) he died last week at Antigua: and also of the loss of the very fine jack-ass which was sent from England about three years since, we are therefore at this time without either one.

With the greatest respect I remain Sir your most obedient humble servt.

(signed) John James

Reference: JJ252 Robson Lowe collection on microfilm 24995, University of Texas at Austin, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection.

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