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30 March 1808

Barbuda March 30th 1808


                By the last mail I had the pleasure to receive your favour of the 3rd February, you may rely that every thing shall be done for the recovery of Crudens bill that is possible.  I was informed a few days since that he is now at Barbados and was about to resume his former contract for supplying the Navy, in which care I trust there will now be much difficulty in recovering it, when I next go to Antigua which will be before the sailing of the next Packet, will get every possible information concerning him.  I must certainly acknowledge the justness of your remarks concerning the instructions given me at different times, and shall in future act with the greatest caution, I now find that in this country few people are to be dealt with without receiving the money at the same instant you deliver the things sold; I could sell many things were I disposed to take any other than cash payment as is the care that I am under the necessity of making all the Cattle I now sell fat, in which state they will always command cash.  The weather I am sorry to say is not yet as favourable as I could wish, but is better than it has been for some time past, we have had for the last five weeks regularly a good shower once a week, which has kept the grass in a pretty good state of vegetation, the crops of Guinea Corn turned out very indifferent, I do not think the whole crop from about 200 acres of land will exceed 600 bushels, I have however since Christmas got about 80 acres of woods cleared the greatest part of which is planted with American Corn, & which at present promises to turn out very well;  I shall continue to clear more & plant with every shower.  I am extremely happy to find by your letter that I may daily expect some Bull dogs, we are greatly in want of them, particularly so, from having been under the necessity of turning a great many Cattle into the woods during the dry weather, which we should have had great difficulty in getting in again without good Dogs, the Grass seed I will make particular inquiry after, and take every care of tho’ I fear it will not be of much care to us, unless it is particularly adapted to stand dry weather, which is the only time we are in want of food, with any rains the vegetation is so remarkably quick that the natural grass is more than sufficient for our consumption, but it is as soon gone with dry weather; I therefore much fear the cinque-foil will be lost with the first drought.  The Ass will be very acceptable, as we have not been able to breed any mules for the last two years altho I have had several asses on the Island last year Mr. Hodge lent me two but we did not get a single foal from them.  I hope you received the three bills sent on the 6th of September last, one for £300 sterling drawn by Mr. Hodge, the other two drawn by Mr. Crookshank for £114:14:3 and £113:0:9 sterling.  I have the Honour to be


                                                Your most Obedient Servant

                                                                (signed)John James 

 Reference: JJ255 Robson Lowe collection on microfilm 24995, University of Texas at Austin, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection. 

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