Friday, 18 October 2013

List of known letters by John James esq

The following is a list of known letters by John James, all are addressed to Christopher Bethell Codrington.

Place Written Date Source Ref Number

Barbuda25 Sep 1804RLJJ251
Barbuda24 Nov 1804RLJJ252
Antigua02 Aug 1805RLJJ253
Barbuda24 Jan 1807GROD1610 C24
Barbuda20 Mar 1807RLJJ254
Barbuda30 Mar 1808RLJJ255
Antigua04 Apr 1809GROD1610 C24
St John's Harbour15 Aug 1809GROD1610 C24
Antigua01 Jan 1810RLJJ256
Antigua26 Apr 1810GROD1610 C24
Antigua16 Jul 1810RLJJ257
Barbuda08 Aug 1810GROD1610 C24
23 Aug 1810
30 Jul 1812
10 Aug 1812
D1610 C24
D1610 C24
D1610 C24
Antigua10 Oct 1812GROD1610 C24
Antigua30 Apr 1813GROD1610 C24
Antigua29 Jul 1813GROD1610 C24
Antigua02 Oct 1813GROD1610 C24
Antigua25 Nov 1813GROD1610 C24
Antigua22 Jan 1814GROD1610 C24
Barbuda23 May 1814RLJJ259
Barbuda26 Jun 1814RLJJ260
Antigua27 Jun 1814GROD1610 C24
Antigua01 Nov 1814RLJJ258
Barbuda23 Dec 1814GROD1610 C24
Antigua17 Feb 1815GROD1610 C24
Antigua20 Jun 1815GROD1610 C24
Marazion England26 Dec 1815RLJJ261
Barbuda01 Oct 1816RLJJ262
Barbuda14 Jan 1817GROD1610 C24
Barbuda19 Feb 1817GROD1610 C24
Barbuda16 Mar 1817GROD1610 C24
Barbuda21 Apr 1817GROD1610 C24
Antigua14 Jun 1817RLJJ263
Barbuda09 Jul 1817GROD1610 C24
Barbuda12 Aug 1817RLJJ264
Antigua21 Nov 1817RLJJ265
Barbuda01 May 1818RLJJ266
Barbuda06 Jun 1818RLJJ267
Barbuda08 Jul 1818GROD1610 C24
Barbuda05 Sep 1818GROD1610 C24
St Kitts21 May 1819GROD1610 C24
Barbuda22 Dec 1819GROD1610 C24
Barbuda07 Aug 1820RLJJ268
Barbuda02 Oct 1820RLJJ269
Barbuda15 Dec 1820RLJJ270
Antigua12 Aug 1821RLJJ271
Antigua15 Oct 1821RLJJ272
Antigua16 Nov 1821RLJJ273
Clare Hall14 Jan 1823GROD1610 C24
Clare Hall17 Feb 1823GROD1610 C24
Clare Hall16 Mar 1823GROD1610 C24
Clare Hall11 Apr 1823RLJJ274
Clare Hall05 May 1823RLJJ275
Clare Hall09 Jun 1823RLJJ276
Antigua05 Jul 1823GROD1610 C24
Antigua23 Oct 1823RLJJ277
Antigua10 Dec 1823RLJJ278
Not noted07 Sep 1824GROD1610 C24
Antigua11 May 1825RLJJ279
Clare Hall30 Jul 1825GROD1610 C24
Clare Hall10 Feb 1826GROD1610 C24

RL = Robson Lowe collection
GRO = Gloucestershire Records Office

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