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01 May 1818

Barbuda May 1st 1818
  Inclosed you have the seconds of Mr Byams two Bills of Exchange on Messrs Rodie & Shands for £95: 2:5 & £45: 7:4 Sterling the firsts of which were forwarded in my Letter of the 16th March, and which I hope have reached safe; they were to have gone by the Packet which sailed about that time, but I find the Boat which followed her to St Thomas’s did not get their till she had sailed; the Antigua mail was therefore forwarded by another vessel.  I am sorry to say we have had no rain since my last, the Island is therefore extremely dry; but the stock still continues in pretty good condition.  The woolly sheep have just been shorn, and I have pleasure in saying the wool is rather better than it has been at any former shearing; as I suppose you would like to have it sent to Bristol I shall keep it till a ship sails for that Port; the flock now consist of two hundred & twenty three Ewes of the American breed and seven Spanish, besides rams, & wethers; my wish is to increase this flock to about two thousand which I think we may maintain within the Walls; I have a Dozen Rams to turn into the woods this season.  I had some turned out last year they have not been seen since, and I have yet seen but one Lamb that appears to be of their getting.  Mr Osborn has made a demand of six more Oxen which shall be sent him next week, I rather think his demand will be pretty heavy for the next season, which I must endeavour to provide for, this dry weather will I hope enable us to Pen them.  Mr Osborn also wishes me to send him the Negros from Barbuda but as they are very loath to leave the Island, and have an idea that it is in my power to keep them here I have requested that he would come over himself and make a demand of them, and take them off; for altho I do not expect any great opposition, yet I think it but fair as he is to receive the benefit of their removal that he should also take a share of the trouble should any occur, or a positive order from you to me to remove them mentioning the number shall be instantly, complied with, they would then see the necessity I was under of sending them to Antigua.
  By the Ships George Hibbert & West Indian I have sent you six fine Turtles, four by the former, and two by the latter, I hope they will reach you in good condition.  What Cotton I can get ready shall be sent by some ship that will sail next month. I am
                     Your Most Obedient Humble
               (signed) John James

Reference: JJ266 Robson Lowe collection on microfilm 24995, University of Texas at Austin, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection.

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