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14 Jan 1817

Barbuda Jany 14th 1817

  In my last of 17th December I sent you two Bills of Exchange the one drawn by L. L. Hodge on Messrs O’Connors & M(Unreadable)  for £200 Sterling the other by John Morgan on the Commissioners of the Navy for £74: 16:4 the duplicates of which will accompany this, these Bills I hope will come safe to hand.  I have this morning sold twenty young Oxen at thirty pounds per head to Messrs James & John Pruden who bought one of your Valley Estates, I think they will take as many more in about a month. The amount I have received in Doubloons, & will procure Bills for them as soon as possible, Bills are now so high as 215 per Cent & difficult to be got at that rate (unreadable stamped over) Accounts shall be sent as soon as I have time to go to Antigua.
  I am happy to inform you that the weather continues as favourable as I could wish, I am now taking in my Yams, which will be a tolerable Crop, for the quantity of land planted, the whole of which I shall be enabled to send to your Estates, the Corn also promises fair, I think I shall have some to spare but as it will not be ripe this two months I cannot venture to say the quantity. We have a good many Cattle, but are greatly in want of Dogs to catch them, there is so much water now in the Island they will not go into the Pens, and the larger ones absolutely bid us defiance, could you send out a couple of good Bull Dogs annually they would be of great service, more would be useless as they will not live long in this Climate, therefore a fresh supply occasionally is necessary. This Island continues very healthy. I remain
your most Obedient Humble
(signed) John James

Reference: Gloucestershire Records Office, Microfilm no.351, Section no.6, D1610 C24

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