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20 Jun 1815

Antigua June 20th 1815
            Inclosed you have the first of Bill of Exchange for £628: 1:4 Sterling, together with the second of the 14 £230: 11:9 sent you on the 17th Feby last. I have not forwarded you the Certificate from the ordinance office for the stores sent from the Woolwich, as it is not customary for them to give duplicates; & expecting to be enabled to be in England by every fleet I deferred sending it, fearing it might be lost, however I now trust I shall be able to leave this in the Vittoria Captn Gilchrist who will sail about next Sunday, I am happy to find he will get nearly a load, if not quite.
            Barbuda I am sorry to say has been for some months passed extremely dry, but as I shall see you so soon I shall not enter into any particulars. Rawlins business I have put into the hands of Mr Wardley of St Kitts he is the Solicitor General for the Leeward Islands. I expected to have heard from them before this; I find the second Bill only has been returned from England, and the protests are for the first, which has prevented Mr Wardley’s acting on it, Rawlins I believe also demurs about the accommodation given. There were very good rains in this Island Yesterday, I hope some of it reached Barbuda. I am
Sir Your Most Obedt Humble
(signed) John James

Reference: Gloucestershire Records Office, Microfilm no.351, Section no.6, D1610 C24
Accessed through Simon Fraser University library

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